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CYO Sports Update

2021/2022 Basketball Registration now closed.

2021/2022 Cross Country Registration now closed.

Contact Athletic Directors for waitlisting.

Go Bulldogs!

CYO Sports Participation Polcy Updated August 4

Policies for Participation in CYO Sports

In developing plans for the resumption of CYO sports, the Diocese of Oakland is required to implement the health and safety standards established by the State of California Department of Public Health and /or the county in which CYO competition will take place. The Diocese of Oakland may require compliance with written policies and modifications for each sport adopted by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) for the 2021-2022 seasons. If there exists a conflict, the Diocese of Oakland may follow the more stringent standard. Please thoroughly read the applicable CIF guidelines which are available at

CYO competition may be suspended and/or these protocols may be modified, based upon future public health guidance from federal, state or local governments concerning COVID-19. The Diocese will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 transmission rates and assess the situation.

Expectations for Parents/Guardians/Student Athletes/Volunteer Coaches:

Parents, guardians, player participants, and volunteer coaches (collectively, “CYO Participants”) must work together to create a healthy sports environment to reduce the likelihood for transmission of COVID-19 during CYO competitions. These are specific policies that will reduce that risk while allowing for CYO competition to resume in 2021-2022:

IF EXHIBITING COVID SYMPTOMS: CYO participants are not permitted to participate in practice, games or matches if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, which may include: fever or chills, coughing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, newly-developed loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea. By bringing a child to a practice or game, a parent/guardian is attesting that their child does not exhibit any of the above symptoms.

  •  REPORTING COVID ILLNESS: CYO participants must immediately inform the coaches, who shall in turn inform the parish/ Catholic school’s athletic directors, of any situation in which a CYO participant has been tested positive for COVID-19, or been exposed to COVID-19 and must quarantine or self-quarantine (as determined by state and county health policies). Immediate notification is the responsibility of all CYO participants. If a CYO participant receives a positive COVID-19 test, the parish/ Catholic school athletic director must immediately inform the Diocese of Oakland (Bill Ford, Director, CYO; 510- 628-2187;; or Gloria Espinoza, Director, Human Resources, 510- 267-8359; and comply with the California Dept. of Public Health and/or county rules regarding reporting and cooperation with contact tracing

  •  FACE COVERINGS: Use of PPEs (face coverings) will comply with parish, gym and county requirements. Effective August 3, 2021, both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties have required that a PPE is to be worn indoors, regardless of vaccination status. All CYO players must wear PPEs indoors with playing and while not playing. All coaches must wear PPEs while coaching indoors. All spectators vaccinated or unvaccinated must wear PPEs while indoors. PPEs must cover the nose and mouth at all times. No gaiters or bandanas are permitted. Social distancing is required for participant bench areas. (Revised 8/4/21)

  •  LOCAL FACILITY RULES TO BE FOLLOWED: Local facilities where competitions or practices are held may have additional COVID-19 requirements. CYO Leagues and coaches will seek to determine them and advise ahead of competitions. However, any CYO competition or practice held at such sites must adhere to the rules and policies of such local facility.

  •  SANITIZING SHARED EQUIPMENT: All shared equipment (such as game basketballs, volleyball, etc.) must be sanitized by the home team prior to games or matches.

  •  NO SHARING OF PERSONAL ITEMS: CYO player participants are expected to maintain possession of their uniforms and practice clothing at all times. There is no sharing of uniforms, sweat or wrist bands, or grooming items (hairbrushes, combs, etc.) Players must bring and use only their own equipment, including towels, gloves and water bottles. Player participants are not permitted to share equipment and are expected to label their equipment with their initials.

  •  PRAYER AND HANDSHAKES: Prayer will be conducted before each competition: No holding hands, remains several feet apart, and PPE must be worn. No pre-game or post- game handshakes or body hugs. Closed fist or elbow bumps permitted. PPE must be worn post-game and social distancing observed.

  •  LIABILITY WAIVER REQUIRED: Parents or guardians of all CYO player participants must sign the liability waiver below in order for their player to be permitted to participate in CYO sports. A single, signed liability waiver will cover multiple CYO sports within a school year. A separate liability waiver must be signed for each player participant. All volunteer coaches must also sign the liability waiver to be eligible to coach. Parish/ Catholic School athletic directors are responsible for retaining all signed liability waivers.

  •  RETURN OF WAIVER FORM: Eligibility to play or coach requires return of a signed liability waiver, without exception. All signed liability waivers must be returned to the parish/ Catholic school athletic director before the start of any sport’s practice or season. All CYO team rosters will be consist of only those CYO participants with signed liability waivers in the possession of the parish’s athletic director.

  •  OBLIGATION TO COMPLY: Participation in CYO sports is a privilege, not a right. If any CYO participants fail to follow these policies, it shall be deemed a violation of sportsmanship, and may result in consequences as set forth in the Code of Conduct.


St. Bonaventure CYO

Welcome to St. Bonaventure CYO. Here you will find information for all three sports that are available through our program. We offer Basketball, Cross Country and Track & Field for all students in our Parish from grades 2nd-8th. For more information about the CYO league, our church, or the Diocese, please use the links. All information about the respective sports will be found in their individual section.  

In the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) program, all children play against others at their own skill level. CYO is a local parish based group, emphasizing the teachings of Christ while instilling the joy of sport into our athletes. The athletic programs are an important youth ministry at the church. St. Bonaventure does not emphasize “winning at all costs” nor do we endorse non-becoming behavior. As representative of our parish community, we instill values of sportsmanship, fair play, both team and individual growth with Christian values. At the end of the season, the children are better athletes and more importantly better community citizens. We are also reliant on adult volunteers to help our program run. What better way to it to teach the sport you love and spread the joy of God to our children. If you would like to help us in any way or have any questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Ferd Santos at (925)270-9390 or any member of the CYO athletic board.

Thank you and Go Bulldogs!

*Parish Boundary
East, summit of Mulligan Hill to Marsh Creek Springs; West, from intersection of Ygnacio Valley Rd. and Walnut Creek city limits southeasterly on a straight line to summit of Mount Diablo; South, from Marsh Creek Springs to summit of Mount Diablo; North, easterly along Ygnacio Valley Rd. from Walnut Creek city limits to Newhall Community Park, north along park to a southern extension of Bailey Rd., north to Myrtle Dr., then on a straight line to summit of Mulligan Hill. 

*All St. Bonaventure CYO players must reside within parish boundaries, or have attended Catholic Studies the prior year. Questions please contact Ferd Santos (925)270-9390

New CYO Refund Policy

With today's challenging times, St. Bonaventure has updated their refund policy. 

Please reach out if you have any questions.

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