1. PRAYER – Prayer is encouraged with young people in CYO. All CYO activities begin with prayer. The home team is responsible for leading a prayer with both teams assembled at center court prior to each game. At track and cross country meets, all participants and coaches assemble for prayer prior to each meet. Parish CYO programs should encourage prayer during team practices and consider hosting an annual parish CYO Mass.
  2. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP – Taunting, baiting and rough play will not be tolerated. If CYO is to reflect Christian values, coaches must emphasize good sportsmanship. Coaches will set sportsmanship goals with their teams and discuss proper conduct. Coaches and players should never show disrespect to game officials. Coaches with concerns about officiating should contact their athletic director and should never approach officials following a game.
  3. SPECTATOR BEHAVIOR – All spectators at CYO events must practice good sportsmanship. Spectators must cheer positively and never shout derogatory remarks to coaches, opposing players or game officials. Coaches must emphasize good spectator behavior at their preseason parent meeting by explaining proper spectator behavior in the CYO Code of Conduct. Coaches, players or spectators may never approach game officials after a contest for explanations of calls or to comment on the game. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their spectators and should act immediately to stop any unruly behavior.
  4. ALL PLAY – The ‘all play rule’ guarantees each child minimum playing time. "In addition, in each game, each child shall play the minimum time equal to the time of one quarter. Athletic Directors shall monitor their program's coaches for compliance. Repeated violation shall be a breach of sportsmanship. (CYO Bylaws)" Coaches, under the supervision of their athletic directors, should be certain that all players receive playing time beyond the minimum.
  5. NO RUNNING UP SCORES – Children have more fun when a contest is close. There is no place in CYO to humiliate an opponent. When ahead with a large lead in basketball, coaches are expected to not trap at half court, to play all non-starters extensively, to play a tight zone and to not fast break slowing the tempo of the game. Coaches who run up the score may be suspended.
  6. ELIGIBILITY – CYO eligibility rules are designed so that CYO teams are parish-based or Catholic school-based, not "club" or city teams. Children should not practice or participate on a team until their eligibility is verified by the parish athletic director. Use of an ineligible player, knowingly or unknowingly, shall result in forfeiture of the games.
  7. KEEP CYO FUN! – CYO is for players and is not a spectator sport. Coaches must always be positive, praising and instructing, not shouting negatively or demeaning players. Good coaches build self esteem, emphasizing the skills and social aspects of sport, rather than winning. Parents must be supportive and not place undue pressure on their children to succeed. All in CYO must keep the outcome of the game in perspective.